Ayurveda advice: To increase immunity, include these two medicines in the diet, the risk of infection will be miles away


In the last two years, the two waves of corona have made us understand clearly the benefits of strengthening immunity. At present, the growing threat of Omicron in the country has given birth to the third wave. Health experts are advising all people to follow the appropriate COVID appropriate behavior and take immunity-strengthening measures for prevention. Ayurveda has been seen as the most effective option when it comes to ways to strengthen immunity. There are many such medicines and herbs in Ayurveda that not only strengthen the immune system but also have the ability to reduce the risk of many diseases.

In recent years, the use of Ayurveda has increased in Western countries as well. Studies done on many medicines have also shown better results regarding their health. To increase immunity in the era of the corona, let us know about two such effective medicines.


What is Ayurvedacharya called?
In a conversation with Acharya Manish, founder, and Ayurvedacharya of Shuddhi Ayurved explains, although Ayurveda has been told about many medicines, which you can get health benefits by including them in the diet. But when it comes to boosting the immune system, the two medicines that are considered the most effective are clove and black pepper. There are many such nutrients present in both of them, which can help in increasing immunity and keeping you safe from infection.


medicinal properties of cloves
Studies show that cloves are rich in many medicinal properties that the body needs on a daily basis. It has been used in every household as a spice. Cloves contain a variety of antioxidants along with vitamin-K, manganese, and fiber that help protect the body's cells from infection. Consuming it is considered beneficial to boost the immune system.

Medicinal properties of black pepper
Like cloves, black pepper is also considered a treasure trove of nutrients. It has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the problem of inflammation. Apart from this, clove is also considered beneficial in controlling blood sugar and cholesterol. It is also considered very effective in promoting the absorption of nutrients and keeping the intestine healthy.

How to include it in the diet?
Acharya Manish explains that in this era of the corona, it can be consumed by mixing cloves and black pepper in the decoction. It can be used as a spice in food. Regular consumption of both of these can also be helpful in protecting you from the risk of seasonal diseases. However, keep in mind that the intake should be done only in the prescribed quantity.

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