Avoid These Food Combinations To Prevent Digestive Problems!


Eating fruit with your meals

You should avoid eating fruits with your meals, especially if you have weak digestion. Your stomach may absorb fruit quickly, but your food may take longer. The fruits in your stomach start fermenting even before the food is digested. Plus, the fiber in fruits can slow down the passage of food through your stomach.

Eating yogurt with acidic fruits

Let me tell you, eating fruits and yogurt together may seem like an attractive option, but you should avoid it. Yogurt loses digestive fibers and builds up toxins when it comes in contact with acidic fruit. It can also cause allergies in some people. The best practice to maintain nutrient levels is to eat fruits alone.

Pairing Beans and Eggs

If you have been eating beans and eggs together, you should stop it now. This can lead to indigestion and put a burden on your kidneys, liver, and digestive system of your body. Instead, try eating beans with vegetables, grains, or other nuts.


Egg and milk

Serving milk with eggs is strictly prohibited. If not addressed, this can result in protein overload and overwork on the heart, liver, and kidneys. It also causes food poisoning and biotin deficiency. Consuming two different forms of protein together can hinder digestion and cause bloating, discomfort, abdominal pain, and even diarrhea.

Cold drink and cheese

Who does not like to eat pizza with a cold drink? But do you know that this is not a healthy combination? The high fructose content in carbonated beverages can be difficult to absorb and cause stomach pain. Due to the high amount of sugar, it also promotes obesity. Cheese is also high in fat and contributes to obesity. So try to exclude these two from your diet.

Water and food

You should avoid drinking water in between your meals or immediately after eating. This can interfere with your digestive process and affect your absorption levels. Staying hydrated is important, but make sure you avoid mixing it with food.