Auto Tips: So many filters work in your car, know what is their importance...


Whenever we go to buy a new car for ourselves, we first look at the look and features of the car, only then do we pay attention to the engine and tires. But do you know that to take care of the car, many types of filters are installed in them, whose work is different? Mechanics change it during servicing but have you ever thought of getting information about it, what is the function of these filters and when should they be changed?


Air filter
Let us tell you, the job of this filter inside the car is to make the air reach the engine cleanly when the car is running. Because apart from the soil particles present in the air, this filter also prevents many types of dirt from entering the engine. This filter is usually located near the engine in the car and should be replaced during servicing.

Oil filter
The most important oil filter is in the engine and oil plays the most important role in your car. But if this oil gets dirty then you may have to face many problems. Having clean oil in the engine can keep the engine running. Applying an oil filter keeps any kind of dirt and debris away from the engine. Whenever you go to get your car serviced, it should be replaced on time.

Fuel filter
Whenever you put petrol and diesel in the car, a fuel filter is installed to prevent any kind of dirt from entering the fuel tank. In cars with petrol engines, its job is to clean the petrol. While in cars with diesel engines, its job is to clean the diesel.


AC filter
Do you know that there is a filter inside the car also which is called an AC filter? Whenever you turn on the AC in your car, its job is to clean the air in the car. It filters the air coming from outside. With this filter, dust, and dirt do not reach the cooling coil of the AC. Let me tell you, in most vehicles, this filter is behind the glen box inside the dashboard.