Attention please… are you also taking high protein to lose weight, it can damage the kidney


High Protein Diet: To avoid obesity, some people adopt various measures to reduce weight. Most people in India are taking High Protein Diet by reducing the number of carbohydrates in their diet. But perhaps they are unaware that excessive protein intake can make their kidneys sick. A high protein diet is even more dangerous for people who already have kidney disease. Let's know what health experts say.


How much protein should be taken daily
Dr Tarun Kumar Saha, Senior Consultant, Kidney Disease at Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad has given much important information related to a protein in one of his articles. He has told that every person should consume 0.83 grams per kg of protein daily. This means on one kg of your body weight only this much protein should be taken. In high protein, people take 1.5 grams of protein per kg. To lose weight, most people take a high-protein diet, which many nutritionists consider correct, but now it has come to the fore that it is hurting the kidney.

Why high protein is dangerous for kidney
Dr Tarun further explains that for people who already have some kidney disease, if they are taking high protein in the wake of weight loss, then their kidneys are at greater risk. Because of this, acid starts forming in the body in excess and the kidney is not able to filter it completely. It does not get out and starts accumulating in the body. He told that the protein obtained from plants is riskier than the protein obtained from animals. It has a bad effect on the kidney. This is because a high amount of saturated fat is found in animal proteins.

Pay attention when you go to the gym
For most of the people who go to the gym, high supplement is a part of their diet. They should consume it only within the prescribed limit. People going to the gym use high protein to increase muscles, but it increases the amount of urine. Consuming this increases the amount of calcium coming out of the urine and increases the burden on the kidneys. There is a risk of getting a stone in the kidney. Therefore, if you are taking protein, then only 25-50 grams should be taken every day.


Make your kidney healthy like this
If you want to keep your kidney healthy, then you should not consume more than 1.5 grams per kg of protein per day. Keep in mind that these proteins are being taken from a natural source. Avoid a high carbohydrate diet as much as possible. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. Take three to four litres of water and other liquids in a day.