Attention: Isn't fashion heavy? Keep these things in mind while getting a tattoo or piercing


It is the desire of every person to look beautiful, to adorn, and to be attractive. For this, various types of cosmetics are used, different types of clothes and other means are also used. Some adopt home remedies and some take skin treatment with five-star facilities. Tattoos and piercings are a part of this chain. For years, there has been a tradition of tattooing the names of our loved ones or self in the form of tattooing, especially in tribal areas and villages in our country. Sometimes this tattoo became an identity. Similarly, it has also been a part of our tradition to get piercings done for wearing jewelry in ears, nose, etc.


This tradition of tattooing in a modern form with some modern techniques has become a trend in the form of tattoos. Today tattoos and body piercings have become a part of life, especially of the youth. From the face of your pet, tattoos with positive messages to tattoos that express love, the list of tattoos are endless. Some people even decorate the whole body with tattoos.

At the same time, apart from nose and ears, it is also a trend to get the piercing done on eyebrows, lips, navel, etc. But is there anything to keep in mind while getting tattoos or piercings done? Could it also be related to your health? The answer is- yes. Tattoos or piercing is an issue related to your health. Therefore, whenever you get a tattoo or piercing done, always keep in mind the things mentioned in the next slide.


Pay attention when getting tattoo-piercing
There is a lot of craze among teenagers and youth about both tattoos and piercings, but while adopting them, it is often not taken into account that they can cause many problems inside and outside the body. While tattoo ink and needles can cause damage, piercing wounds can also become a serious infection risk if left untreated. So whenever you adopt these two things, keep some things in mind.

keep these things in mind
Whether hygiene is being taken care of at the place where you are getting tattoos or piercings done. This thing has become even more important in the time of Corona than in normal days. This can increase the risk of infection manifold.
Whether the person doing the piercing or tattooing has enough training for it also matters a lot. Remember that while getting a piercing or getting a tattoo done, the needles come into contact with many nerves of the body, so even a slight mistake can give fatal results.

be careful about health
If you have chosen body piercing or a full-body tattoo, then you have to be careful too. Experts believe that it may also threaten to affect the functioning of many vital and delicate organs. Therefore, before getting a tattoo or piercing on the forehead, around the eyes, on the lips, in the navel, on the tongue, take the right advice.

If you suffer from any kind of allergy, then this risk can be increased by both of these things. Many types of allergies can be caused by tattoos or piercings. The colors used for tattoos, ie ink, metal tools used for piercing, etc. can also cause allergies. These tools may include nickel, niobium, and titanium. Due to which there can be a risk of eczema, rhinitis, pruritis and skin lymphocytes, etc.

Tattoos or piercings can cause infection
At present, everyone is aware of the attack of coronavirus, but apart from this, there are many such deadly viruses and bacteria that can cause infection in the body through tattoos or piercings. These include diseases such as hepatitis. Apart from this, people who are diabetic may also be prone to serious skin infections.

If the piercing is not done properly, then hypertrophic scars can also occur on the skin, for which many things may have to be resorted to steroids to heal. In this condition, several layers of the skin form a bulge at the same place on the injury or wound.

Take special care in such situations
Piercings or tattoos on nipples, navel, lips, etc. can also cause serious infections in people with weak immune systems, pregnancy, or heart disease. Also, in pregnant women, it can also reach the risk of infection to the child.

The ink used to make tattoos can also contain many chemicals or metals that can go into the body and spoil health. Especially its red, green, yellow, and blue colors can cause allergic reactions. Therefore it is very important to use it with caution.