ATM Tips: Now you will not have to go to an ATM to withdraw cash, money will reach your home, just apply like this..


In this digital age, services have increased so much that you do not have to suffer much for any of your work. One such service is Aadhaar ATM, through Aadhaar ATM any person can easily make transactions using his biometric identity. For this, it will be necessary to link the bank account with an Aadhaar card (Aadhaar linked bank account). Apart from cash withdrawal, other tasks will also be done easily through this facility. Let us tell you if you live in a rural or urban area and you are unable or unable to go to your nearest bank or ATM. Apart from this, people who are old, helpless, or helpless will now be able to easily withdraw cash through an Aadhaar ATM sitting at home.


Postal Superintendent of Purnia Division Post Office Rajesh Kumar said that India Post Payment is a special facility of the bank. It provides cash to customers sitting at home. India Post Payment Bank has started an ATM facility on an online basis. With its help, any bank customer will be able to pass cash sitting at home. They will not need to go to the bank or nearest ATM booth.

Let us tell you that in this service the local postman will deliver cash at home. However, he said that this payment service is completely based on the Aadhaar system. Through this, any person can do transactions using his biometric identity. For this, it is necessary to link the bank account with an Aadhar card. Apart from cash withdrawal, balance checks and account details can also be obtained through this facility.

Know what is the process of asking for cash

If you also want to receive cash at home without going to the ATM, then for this you will have to first go to the website of India Post Payment Bank and apply. After this, the postman will reach your home with the micro ATM. The customer will have to use only biometric identification, an Aadhaar card will not be required. As soon as the identity is verified, the postman will give you cash and this money will be deducted from the bank account of a customer like you.

Only this much amount will be withdrawn in a day

Let us tell you that according to India Post Payment Bank, no fee will be charged to the customers for asking for cash at home. There will be no charge for using the doorstep service. He said that according to National Payments Corporation, the maximum transaction limit on one-time transactions has been fixed at ₹ 10000.

Customers have to choose the right bank for transactions. The amount will be deducted from the primary account only. If wrong Aadhaar details are entered or the wrong bank is selected then the transaction will be rejected and cancelled.


This way you can get cash sitting at home

To avail of the benefits of Door Step Aadhaar ATM Service, first of all, you have to go to the website ( and choose the option of Door Step Banking. Here you have to enter your name, mobile number, email ID, address, and pin code the correct details of the post office nearest to your home, and the name of the bank account from which the money will be withdrawn. After this, you have to click on the option of ‘I Agree’.

Now let us tell you that as soon as it is submitted, the local post office postman will reach your home with cash with a biometric system will complete your cash withdrawal process, and give you the amount.

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