ATM Tips: If your card gets stuck in the ATM, do this immediately, otherwise your account will be empty...


After the introduction of UPI, the process of withdrawing money from ATMs has reduced but has not ended completely. Your slightest carelessness while withdrawing money from an ATM can cause you a big loss. Fraudsters can take advantage of your mistake and drain your bank account. In today's report, we will tell you about some ATM frauds and ways to avoid them.


Mistake of calling customer care
Many such incidents have come to light in which complaints were received about people's cards getting stuck in ATMs. Many times the card gets stuck in the machine and panic we call the customer care number written there, but here you need to be very careful. It is not your card that gets stuck in the machine but it is these fraudsters who get the card stuck. They install another machine in the card-carrying port and then leave after pasting their number there as the customer care number. Later, when you become a victim and call them, you get trapped in their trap. Before calling, check in which way the number is written there. If a number is written and pasted on any common paper, do not call on it.

Please check the machine
Before withdrawing money from the ATM as soon as you go inside the ATM, first of all, you have to check it thoroughly. Look around and take a quick look to see if there are any hidden cameras. You should also check the ATM card slot. Many times miscreants install card reader chips around the card slots, which can steal ATM card data and PIN code information.

Caution while entering a PIN
If your ATM PIN is not available to criminals, it becomes difficult to break into your account. In such a situation, ATM PIN should be used very carefully. Keep in mind that you have gone inside the ATM to withdraw money and there should not be any other person there. If someone else is present there, ask him to go out or enter after hiding the PIN. While entering the PIN, cover the ATM keyboard with your hand and stand as close to the machine as possible. So that no one can see your PIN.

Do not give ATM PIN and card to anyone
Many times we give our ATM card and PIN to our friends or relatives to withdraw money in a hurry or an emergency. Such mistakes should be avoided. Nowadays, such incidents are also coming to light in which only close people are involved in fraud. If you have to give an ATM card to someone, immediately change the PIN of the card and keep an eye on the transaction.


Do not take help from anyone at the ATM
Taking help from a stranger in an ATM can be harmful. Even though it may take a little longer to withdraw money, do not let anyone come near the ATM, and do not tell them even if you forget your card and PIN.

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