Astrology: Which is the best day to cut hair and nails? Know what the scriptures say!


In the scriptures, certain days of the week are considered auspicious for nail cutting, hair cutting, and shaving. Apart from this, there are some days on which cutting of nails, beard, and hair is not considered auspicious in our scriptures.

It is believed that by cutting nails or shaving these days, the planets have an inauspicious effect on you and there is an economic crisis in your life. Let us know the effects of daily shaving of nails, hair, and beard.



Monday is related to Moon. In astrology, Moon is considered to be the factor of progeny and health. Cutting hair or cutting nails on Monday increases mental stress and is not considered good for the health of children. By doing this you can get ill from the malefic effect of the Moon itself.


According to religious beliefs, Tuesday is associated with Hanumanji and according to astrology, Tuesday is associated with Mars. Mars is considered to be very fierce in nature and is considered to be the factor of courage and bravery. Cutting nails or hair on Tuesday can increase your inner anger. Also, cutting nails or hair on Tuesday reduces the age.


According to the scriptures, Wednesday is considered auspicious for cutting nails, hair, and beard. Doing this brings blessings to your home and Goddess Lakshmi blesses you. Getting a haircut on a Wednesday strengthens the position of Mercury in your horoscope. With the grace of Mercury, you will get a good job and your wealth and fame will increase.


Thursday is considered to be the day of Lord Vishnu and also this day is also associated with the planet Jupiter. If you cut your hair on this day, Goddess Lakshmi gets angry with you and leaves the house. Along with this, you will have to face the inauspicious effects of Jupiter in the horoscope. That's why don't get your hair cut even by mistake on Thursday.



On Friday, Venus is considered the ruler of wealth and beauty and is also associated with Goddess Lakshmi. It is considered auspicious to cut hair and nails on this day. By doing this the chances of success in life increase. You get wealth, fame, and glory.


Saturday is not considered auspicious for cutting hair or nails. It is said that doing this work on this day increases the risk of premature death and loss of money. Shaving hair or a beard on this day causes Pitrudosh.


It is not considered good to get a hair cut on Sunday. It is said in the Mahabharata's Discipline Parva that this is the day of the Sun. Cutting hair etc on this day destroys wealth, intelligence, and religion. If it is not very important on Sunday, do not cut your hair and beard.