Astrology Tips: These things should not be handed over to others, otherwise you will become a debtor!


PC: Amar Ujala

Apart from money, there are some things that should not be given directly into anyone's hands. It is believed that giving these items directly into someone's hands can lead to financial problems, debt, or strain in relationships. Let us know what are those things which are considered inauspicious to give directly in hands.

Salt: Never give salt directly into anyone's hand. It is believed that giving salt in hand to someone causes financial loss and can also lead to a dispute with the person. It is advisable to use a vessel or bowl while giving salt.

Roti: While serving roti to someone, avoid giving it directly to their hand. Giving bread in hand is considered inauspicious and can lead to financial loss. It is better to use plates or utensils for serving.

Water: Avoid giving a glass of water directly into the child's hand. This act is linked to the possibility of that person being indebted. When giving someone water, use a tray, or vessel or place the glass on the table. One should avoid giving water directly to the hands.

Chilli: Be it red or green chili, never forget to give it directly in your hand. Placing chili directly in someone's hand often leads to fights and disputes. It is advisable to use pots or containers for handling chilies.

Mustard: Avoid giving mustard directly into anyone's hands. There is a belief that offering mustard in someone else's hand displeases Goddess Lakshmi, which leads to financial and relationship problems. Use a pot or container to transfer mustard seeds.