Astrology tips: Do these remedies related to Peepal on Saturday!


Saturday is dedicated to Shani Dev. Shani Dev is said to be the judge and he has given fruits to man according to his actions. If Shani Dev is angry with someone, he tortures them physically, mentally, and financially. In such a situation, to get the blessings of Shani Dev, a person should worship the Peepal tree, it removes the problems of life.

According to a context in the 118th chapter of Brahma Purana, Shani Dev himself had said that whoever worships Peepal on Saturday, touches Peepal, all his desires will be fulfilled. That person will not even have to bear the troubles of Shani Dev. Lakshmi will reside in such a person's house and all his sorrows will be removed.

1. A person should touch the root of the Peepal tree every Saturday. You have to light a mustard oil lamp in the evening and circumambulate the Peepal tree 5 or 9 times. This will remove all the troubles. This brings happiness and prosperity to the family.

2. In the Gita, Shri Krishna has said that I am the Peepal in the trees. On the other hand, Lord Krishna considers Lord Shani as his presiding deity. Therefore he will always be pleased with those who worship the Peepal tree. If there is a problem in your job, or you are not able to be successful, then mix jaggery and water in milk and put it in Peepal every Saturday. You can do this work every day. By doing this a person climbs the ladder of success faster.
3. On Saturday, pick up a peepal leaf and bring it home. You have to apply perfume on top of it and keep it in the purse. Keep changing it every month. With this, you will never be short of money.


4. If you want to fulfill any wish, then go to the old Peepal tree. During this, take a red pen, some red cloth, and Kalava with you. After this, take a lamp of ghee made of flour. Light a lamp of ghee under the peepal and recite Hanuman Chalisa while standing in front. 

After this, without breaking the peepal leaf, write your wish on it and after that wrap the Kalava on the branch of the tree 7 times. Wrap that Kalava on your hand also. Then take some soil from the peepal tree and wrap it in a red cloth. Then bring the clay tied in this red cloth and keep it at the place where you keep the money. With this, all your wishes will be fulfilled.