Astrology: This type of rakhi should not be tied to your brother even by mistake, negativity comes in life!


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On the day of Raksha Bandhan, her sister ties Rakhi to her beloved brother. Brother gives expensive gifts to sister and vows of protection. Girls often buy expensive and attractive rakhis for their brothers on Raksha Bandhan. However, due to the variety of rakhis in the market, many girls get confused as to which rakhi to buy. So let's know which rakhi a sister should buy for her brother on the day of Raksha Bandhan.

At this time, trendy, beautiful, or various types of fashionable rakhis are available in the market for Raksha Bandhan. But while buying Rakhi, some things should be kept in mind. It is like this...

There should not be any photo of any deity on Rakhi. Due to this negativity comes into brother's life. Apart from this, deities are also insulted. That's why it is considered inauspicious to tie a rakhi on a brother's hand with pictures of gods and goddesses.

Don't buy a rakhi with a broken or flimsy string. That's why there is a possibility that Rakhi will break as soon as it is tied to their brother's hand. That's why while buying Rakhi, it should be ensured whether its rope is strong or not.


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In Hinduism, the black color is considered inauspicious in any religious work. So while buying rakhi for your brother don't buy black or blue rakhi. Because it can have a negative impact on your brother's life. Hence buying red, pink, or yellow colored rakhi can give positive results.

Rakhi should not be of plastic. It is considered best if Rakhi is decorated with a garland of flowers.