Astrology: The roots of these trees are very lucky, and can change your fate!


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Not only gems, but the roots of trees also provide miraculous benefits for planetary peace. Come let's know about the roots of these trees which change your luck and money starts raining as soon as you wear them.

The root of the Ashoka tree removes sorrow

You must have used the leaves of the Ashoka tree many times in worship. This tree, which is associated with happiness and prosperity, is said to be such that sitting under it does not cause pain or conquer all sorrows, it is the Ashoka tree. The root of the Ashoka tree will also increase your happiness and prosperity. Keeping it right there is never a shortage of money. Keeping it at the place of wealth also gives miraculous benefits.

The banana root will remove poverty

Many times a person gets so caught in the debt trap that he does not see any way out. Despite all the efforts, he is getting buried under the burden of debt. To remove this merger of debt, offer rice, rice, water, and flowers at the root of the banana tree. After this, on the Navami day of Shukla Paksha, keep the money in the same place where you keep it. If you wrap the root of a banana plant in a yellow cloth, believe me, this holy root gives benefits like topaz.

Wear cheap and impressive jewelry instead of expensive gems

Wear these roots for auspicious results

To get the grace of the Sun and to remove the defects related to it, the root of Belpatra should be worn in red or pink cloth on Sunday.

To get the grace of the moon and to remove the defects associated with it, the root of khirni should be worn on a white cloth on Monday.

For the auspicious work of Mars, wear red clothes on Anantmool Tuesday.

To get the blessings of Mercury, wear the root of Vidarbha in green cloth on Wednesday.

To get the blessings of Jupiter, wear yellow clothes on Thursday and hold a banana root in your hand.

To get the blessings of Venus, the root of Umber should be worn in white clothes on Friday.

To get the blessings of Shani Dev, wear the original blue cloth of Shami on Saturday.

To remove the defects related to Rahu, keep a piece of white sandalwood tied in blue cloth on Wednesday.

To remove the obstacles related to Ketu, the root of Ashwagandha should be worn in blue cloth on Thursday.