Astrology: Keep these things in your purse, which will bring blessings, keeping them on Tuesday will make every problem easier!


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It is believed that there are many things that people should possess for success. You can also keep these things in your purse. Let us know what things lead to success.

Keeping Hanuman Chalisa in the purse is considered very auspicious. It is believed that by keeping Hanuman Chalisa, Lord Hanuman always protects you and you get relief from many problems.


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It is considered very auspicious to keep religious items in your purse or bag. Sacred and religious items bring you wealth and prosperity and keeping these with you always helps you move ahead.

If you also want blessings then keep Hanuman Chalisa in your purse. Hanuman Ji's blessings will always remain with you. You can keep Hanuman Chalisa in your bag or purse on Tuesday.

Lord Hanuman protects you in every difficult situation and helps you to overcome every problem. Therefore, keep Hanuman Chalisa in your purse to get good luck.