Astrology: If you want to open the locks of luck then feed the first bread of the day to a cow, know its benefits!



Feeding bread to a cow is considered extremely beneficial. It is believed that 33 crore gods reside in the cow and by feeding it, a person pleases all these gods.

It is customary to take out the first bread of the day for the cow. This should be done diligently every day, especially by a housewife. Apart from this, placing your hand on the head of a cow while feeding it transmits positive energy.



It is believed that feeding a cow with devotion brings success and maintains good health in the person, irrespective of the person's astrological position. It is believed that this practice reduces the sins committed by a person.

The cow is considered a symbol of the energy of Venus. Substances obtained from cows, such as milk, cow dung (dung), and cow urine (cow urine), are considered symbols of purity. It is believed that these elements have the ability to keep diseases away.

If one wants to achieve happiness, peace and success in life then it is advised to feed the first bread of the day to a cow regularly. It is believed that this practice leads to progress in life, various troubles go away and divine blessings remain constant.