Astrology: Donate these things on Saturday, blessings of Shani Dev will always shower!


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According to the Hindu religion, every day is dedicated to one or the other deity. Similarly, Saturday is dedicated to Shani Dev. On this day, by worshiping Shani Dev with rituals, all the sufferings of the devotees go away. Donation is very important on Saturday. Shani Dev is pleased by donating.

Saturday is considered dedicated to Shani, the god of justice. On this day Shani Dev is worshiped with rituals. In the scriptures of the Hindu religion, Shani has been called a judge. Shani is considered the god of justice. If someone is blessed by Shani Dev, then his life is filled with happiness, but if Shani Dev gets angry with someone, then he also causes great harm.

Black clothes and accessories: Donating black clothes and other accessories on Saturday is considered very auspicious. If you are facing any health-related problems then you should donate black colored clothes. Donating black clothes and shoes to a poor person on Saturday evening gives health benefits.


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Grains: If a person is suffering a lot in life and has Shani Dosha, then 6 types of grains should be donated every Saturday to reduce its effects. Donating wheat, rice, gram, maize, jowar, and black urad is considered very auspicious.

Black Sesame and Black Urad: If you are facing money-related problems then donating black sesame and black Urad is considered very auspicious. Donating 1.25 kg of black urad dal or black sesame seeds to a poor person on Saturday evening is considered extremely beneficial. It is believed that this will solve money-related problems caused by Shani.


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Iron utensils: Donating iron on Saturday is considered very auspicious. Buying iron on Saturday is not considered auspicious, but donating it helps to get rid of Shanidosh.

Mustard oil: Donating mustard oil on Saturday is considered very beneficial. Donating mustard on this day completes the stalled work. For this, take mustard oil in an iron vessel on Saturday morning and put a coin in it. Then donate it to a poor person or keep it under the Peepal tree. Shani Dev will be very happy with this.