Astrology: Before wearing Rudraksha, know these special rules, methods and importance!


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In today's time, many people want freedom from various problems in life. If you are thinking of wearing Rudraksha then it is important to understand the rules of wearing it and the auspicious practices associated with it. According to Hindu beliefs, Rudraksha has great importance, as it is considered dear to Lord Shiva. It is believed that people who wear Rudraksha receive divine blessings.

According to religious beliefs, Rudraksha originated from the tears of Lord Shiva. The Hindu religion considers Rudraksha miraculous and mysterious. Rudraksha beads range from one-faced to twenty-one-faced, each having its own specific significance. When Rudraksha is worn following specific rules and rituals, it is believed to help individuals overcome various challenges and align the planetary positions in their horoscope.

It is said in mythology that when Goddess Sati entered the fire and Lord Shiva shed tears, those tears fell on the earth and turned into Rudraksha beads. It is believed that by wearing Rudraksha as per the rules and rituals, sorrows are gradually removed from a person's life and the divine blessings of Lord Shiva remain intact.


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Rules for wearing Rudraksha:

Chanting of Mantras: According to astrologers, before wearing Rudraksh, it is advised to chant Rudraksh Mantra and Rudraksh Mool Mantra nine times each.

Holy place: Once the Rudraksha is removed, it should be kept in a holy and clean place.

Avoid meat and alcohol: Like the Tulsi rosary, Rudraksha is also considered sacred. Therefore, after wearing Rudraksha one should avoid consuming meat or alcohol.

Avoid cremation ground: Rudraksha should never be taken to the cremation ground. It is advisable to avoid Rudraksha at the time of birth of a newborn baby.

Cleansing Ritual: Rudraksha should be touched only after taking a bath. Rudraksha should be cleaned and worn after bathing. Additionally, it is advised to chant the Shiva mantra "Om Namah Shivay" while wearing it.

Colour of thread: Rudraksha should be threaded in red or yellow coloured thread. Wearing it with black thread is considered inauspicious.


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Avoid sharing: Rudraksha should not be shared with others. Once someone has worn it, it should not be given to anyone else.

Keep clean: Rudraksha should be kept clean. Regular cleaning helps maintain its purity.

Changing the thread: If the thread of Rudraksha gets dirty or damaged then it should be changed. After cleaning, to maintain the purity of Rudraksha, it should be bathed with Ganga water.

Mantra for Rudraksha purification:

Before wearing Rudraksha it is advisable to chant the following mantra 501 or 1100 times:

"Om Namah Shivay" or "Om Hum Namah."

By following these rules and rituals, wearing Rudraksha is believed to bring positive energy, protection and the divine grace of Lord Shiva in the person's life.