Astrological Remedies: With this remedy of black pepper, you will get rid of Shani Dev's problems, and luck will be strong!


In astrology, the position and direction of planets and constellations affect each person. When the position of the planets is bad, a person has to face many problems. In astrology, many measures have been given for the peace of the planets.

Black pepper has been considered very beneficial in many spices used in the kitchen. It is not only beneficial for health, but astrological remedies associated with it also provide special benefits. The problems of Saturn go away with the help of black pepper. Let us know some special tricks and remedies related to black pepper.


Remedy of black pepper This trick of black pepper is very effective for getting money. Take 5 black peppercorns and swing them over your head 7 times, stand at a crossroads or secluded place, and throw four of them in all four directions. Throw the fifth pepper to the sky and return home without looking back.

This trick of black pepper is also very useful to get rid of the problems of Shani. For this, tie black pepper and 11 rupees in a black cloth and donate it to the needy.


If there are repeated obstacles in the work, then this remedy of black pepper should be done. Black pepper should be kept at the main door while leaving the house. Now step on this black pepper and leave. You will travel for some work, you will definitely get successful in it.

Black pepper is also used to ward off the evil eye. Put 7-8 black pepper in the lamp in any corner of the house and burn it. It is believed that this removes financial crisis and also removes a slight defect.