Astro: Why is an urn filled with water kept in the temple? Know the mythological reason!



Vastu Shastra is based on positive and negative energy. In Vastu, every direction and room of the house has its own special place. The direction in which the house should be placed is also described in Vastu Shastra. There are some Vastu rules related to it in the worship house or temple. According to Vastu, it is necessary to keep water in the house of worship. Let's find out why.

Why should water be kept in the temple?

There is a worship house in every house. Apart from the worship material, conch shells, bells, cows, sandalwood lamps, copper coins, aachaman patri, Gangajal, and water urns are kept here. In many houses, instead of a pitcher, a water urn is kept. Before worship, the idol of God is sanctified by bathing it with water and sprinkling water on the place of worship. That's why water is kept in a vessel at the place of worship.


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According to the scriptures, it is believed that as Gurudev is established in the form of Garudghanta, similarly Varuna is established in the form of water. According to belief, water is worshiped as Varuna and protects the world. Putting some Tulsi leaves in the water in the house of worship purifies the water. As soon as this water becomes pure, Aachaman Yoga is formed. The deities are pleased when this water purifies the place of worship.


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How to install water in worship house

If the place of worship is inside the house or in the north and northeast corners, then water must be established here. By doing this, happiness and prosperity remain in the house. It is considered very auspicious to keep water in a copper vessel at the place of worship. According to Vastu, keeping water in the house of worship brings positive energy to the house.