Astro Tips: If you want peace at home, then do these remedies related to Tulsi water


We all want happiness and peace in the house. Various remedies are also tried for happiness and peace. Tulsi plant is also planted in homes for happiness and peace. Today we are going to tell you about the benefits of Tulsi water.


Tulsi water - Take 6 to 7 leaves of Tulsi and keep them soaked in water for overnight. After this, cover it in a copper vessel or vessel and keep it. Take this water the next day. It is very good for your health and will also keep your mind calm.

Spray at home with Tulsi water - You should also sprinkle Tulsi water at home. This keeps positive energy in the house. You can sprinkle Tulsi water at home after worship. Even if someone is sick in the house, you can sprinkle this water in the house.


Take a bath with Tulsi water - According to astrology, you should take a bath with this water to remove poverty. This brings happiness and peace in life.

Bathing Laddu Gopal with Tulsi water - You should bathe Laddu Gopal with Tulsi water. Tulsi is very dear to Shri Krishna. With this, the blessings of Lord Vishnu will always be on you.