As soon as the kidney gets damaged, these symptoms start appearing in the urine


Kidneys perform a very important function in our body. If a person has kidney disease, he always feels tired and sick. The job of the kidney is to remove dirt and extra fluid from the blood. In such a situation, if it gets damaged, the filter cannot work properly.


This can be dangerous. That is why it is important to keep an eye on its symptoms. As soon as the kidney gets damaged, some symptoms start appearing in the urine. If you pay attention to them, then by taking the help of a doctor, you can prevent kidney failure. Let us tell you that kidney failure is the last stage of kidney disease. If the help of a doctor is taken by understanding the symptoms before this, then it can be avoided. So let's take a look at its symptoms:

Symptoms of kidney failure

* People who are having kidney problems will notice a change in their urination pattern. This is the first symptom, which no person should ignore.

* Foam in urine is also an important symptom. Urine starts smelling very bad when there is kidney disease.

* If the urine is dark yellow, then you should also be cautious. Because this can also be a symptom of kidney disease.

* If you are urinating frequently, then this symptom also points towards a kidney problem. At the same time, some people start having problems with urinating. They feel pain in urinating and urinate less. * If this is the case, then consult a doctor immediately. Do not ignore it at all. This is a dangerous sign.

* If there is foam in your urine, then this is also not a good sign. This can be considered a sign of kidney failure. If there is foam in the urine, then get it checked by a doctor immediately. Because foam appears in the urine when the kidney is unable to filter the protein.  

* Apart from this, symptoms like swelling in the body, high blood pressure, feeling like vomiting, itching in the skin, feeling tired, and loss of appetite are also seen in case of kidney disease.