Are board copies allowed to be taken home, know here!


pc: Patrika

Board exam results are about to be declared, and while some board exams are over, others are yet to be held. After this, the evaluation of answer sheets starts. Many times there is a curiosity to understand the process involved in this evaluation. Who checks the board exam copies, are there any special rules for this and can copies be taken home during the process? Let us find answers to these questions.

Can copies be checked at home?

Centers are created to check copies of board exams. These centers are located at different places and usually, a teacher from one school does not check copies from the same school. They are sent to other schools for evaluation. Copies are not allowed to be brought home.

Experienced teachers handle this task

Experienced teachers are selected to check the copies. The first page of copies is removed to protect the identity of the student. The copies are assigned a secret code known only to board staff, ensuring that teachers cannot show favoritism.

A marking scheme is provided

Every board has its own rules, but generally, a marking scheme is provided to the teachers evaluating the copies at the centers. They have to evaluate the question papers and award marks according to that scheme. In case of any confusion, the help of the Chief Examiner present at the center is taken.

When were the copies taken home?

The facility to take copies home for checking was available only once, in 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic was at its peak. This step was taken to ensure the safety of teachers and only a few boards provided this facility. Later, this practice was stopped and teachers were instructed to check the copies at the centers following COVID-19 protocols.