Apple AirPods: There is a problem with the sound in Apple AirPods, these tips will make things worse..


Apple AirPods are a popular true wireless earbud used worldwide.


If you are also using AirPods but for some reason you are worried about the sound quality of the device, then this article may be useful for you.

In this article, we are telling you some tips to fix the poor sound quality of Apple AirPods-

Use the right ear tip
AirPods Pro users can use the device with different ear tips. If you use a proper ear tip, a good seal can be made for the ear canal.

Problems related to sound can be solved to a great extent with this trick.

Use the latest firmware
Apple constantly updates the firmware for its devices. If you are facing sound problems with your AirPods, then check that the device is running on the latest firmware only.

This can be checked through the Settings app with the AirPods connected. Audio processing and connectivity improvements are sometimes introduced with firmware updates.

Pay attention to cleaning the device
If you are facing sound problems with AirPods, then dirt can be a reason. To ensure the good sound quality of the device, the cleanliness of the device matters.

It is especially important to pay attention to the cleanliness of speaker grills and microphone ports. You can clean the AirPods with the help of a soft cloth.


Customize audio output
If you are facing a problem regarding sound in the device then the audio output can be customized.

You can check the equalizer settings by clicking on Settings > Bluetooth > AirPods. By adjusting these settings the audio output can be fine-tuned.

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