Apart from the beauty of these beaches of India, foreign tourists are also attracted, you should also make a plan to visit!


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The scorching heat of summer has arrived and at such a time people often like to go to a place where they can get coolness and peace. What could be better than a beautiful beach with gentle breezes and soft sand for a brief respite from the heat? In the month of March, the feeling of seeing hot and cold sand, high waves, rising and setting sun can be felt only on the seashore. There are many beautiful and clean beaches in India that mesmerize domestic and foreign tourists. Every year lakhs of tourists visit these beaches. If you are planning to visit a beautiful beach, then you should also know about these very beautiful and popular beaches in India.

Here are some of the beautiful beaches in India:

Candolim Beach: The beauty of Candolim Beach located in Goa is visible at first sight. Many tourists come here from India and abroad. This beach is known for crystal clear waters, white sand, club nights, seafood, and trendy restaurants. This beach is one of the longest beaches in Goa. There are also many islands near this beach.

Kanyakumari Beach: Kanyakumari Beach is located in Tamil Nadu. Seeing sunrise and sunset from this beach is nothing less than a miracle. The statue of Swami Vivekananda is the main attraction of this beach.


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Promenade Beach: Promenade Beach is the best, cleanest, and most beautiful beach in Pondicherry. The water here is so clear that the sea level is visible. Volleyball enthusiasts gather near this beach. Morning and evening walks, skating, yoga, and swimming are the daily activities here.

Diveagar Beach: Diveagar Beach is located in Raigarh, Maharashtra. The length of this beach is five kilometers. Here palm trees, betel nut trees, and casuarina trees give the tourists a feeling of greenery. This beach is famous for parasailing and surfing.


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Puri Beach: Puri Beach located in Odisha is known for its beauty and attraction. Thousands of tourists come here for picnics. People take a dip of faith here with faith.