Apart from sandalwood, these things are also beneficial for the glow of your face, click here to know!


In today's time, everyone wants their skin to look beautiful and glowing, due to which they also take great care of their skin. Let us tell you that sandalwood also proves helpful in improving our skin. Azim, in this article, apart from sandalwood, there is something else that is beneficial for improving your skin.


Rose water:

You can use rose water with sandalwood. Let us tell you that rose water is natural. It helps in making your skin glow.

Aloe vera:

Aloe vera has always proved beneficial for your skin. Aloe vera is helpful in reducing the dryness of your skin and the antioxidants present in aloe vera also help in nourishing the skin. 



Let us tell you that the existing antibacterial properties in sandalwood help in protecting our skin from infection. Apart from this, sandalwood also proves to be very helpful in removing the existing inflammation and irritation on our face.