Apart from makeup, some other things are necessary to keep the face glowing and beautiful.

SKIN CARE TIPS :- Use this homemade face mask to enhance the beauty of the skin

Taking proper care of the body, its effect starts showing on the face as well. So first start working on the body. Apart from these, today we will talk about what are the other important things for healthy skin.

Does the beauty see on the face after makeup remains intact even after removing makeup? Ask yourself the answer to this question. If the answer is no, then think about its solution, it is very important to adopt a healthy lifestyle to bring a healthy glow in the face. In which many things are included from the right time to wake up in the morning to exercise, diet, intake of liquids in the required amount. with. Also the distance from some things like alcohol, smoking. So today we will know about some such things. 

Face wash

Washing face should be included in a healthy skin routine, but for this use lukewarm or cold water, not hot water, even if the weather is cold. Washing the face with warm water removes the natural oils of the skin, due to which the moisture of the skin ends and the skin starts feeling dull.

Sun exposure

Only light sunlight in the morning is beneficial for our body, very strong sunlight always works to damage the skin. So avoid going out in strong sunlight and if you have to go out, cover your skin and hair properly. 

Workout time

No matter how busy you are, finding out 20-30 minutes for yourself is not a difficult task, because here your health is talking about your skin. Apart from makeup to look good, if you also adopt workouts along with it, then you start seeing its effect very soon.

Diet focus 

Protein-rich, plenty of liquids come in a healthy diet. Although they are supplied with vegetables, pulses, fruits, there is no harm in taking their supplements. Iron, Vitamin tablets can be eaten if the body is deficient.