Angered by the words of the king, the mother had twisted her neck in this temple of Rajasthan!


Among the most famous temples of Mata in Rajasthan is the Shila Mata temple located in the fort of Amber in the capital Jaipur. People from all over the country and abroad also come to see the mother in this temple. Dedicated to the Hindu goddess Kali, this temple of Mata is located on the premises of Amer Fort. 


According to historians, Raja Mansingh of Jaipur had brought the idol of Shila Mata from Bengal. This temple made of white marble is very famous all over the world. There is also a legend about the crooked neck of the idol of Shila Mata in this temple.


It is said that Shila Mata used to talk to Raja Mansingh. Male sacrifice was done in this temple, but once King Mansingh had asked the mother to sacrifice an animal in place of male sacrifice. Angered by this, the mother turned her neck. Since then, the neck of the idol of Shila Mata has been bent. There is a lot of crowd in this temple of Mata during Navratri.