Android Smartphones: Android users are at risk of dirty stream attack, know how to protect themselves..

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People's work becomes easier with new apps and new technology in smartphones. On the other hand, Android users remain at risk of cyber attacks. Yes, the government and Google often issue alerts for Android users. In such a situation, once again there may be a big attack on Android users. Microsoft has discovered a major flaw in Android apps. The breach in the security of Android users has been named Dirty Stream Attack.


Danger of dirty stream attack on Android users

It has been said in the report that Dirty Stream attacks can affect many apps of Android users with malware. Because of this, it can access many popular apps. Also can obtain sensitive information of users. The report further states that in the recent investigation, a special type of pattern has been discovered, which can give hackers access to the device by misleading the device's capabilities. Through a dirty stream attack, hackers can take advantage of the device by hacking Android apps.

Android users should keep their devices safe in this way

The report claims that flaws have been found in many apps in the Google Play Store. It is further said that the only way to avoid this problem is to update these apps. Know further how Android users can secure their devices.

     To protect your device from any malware, update the devices installed on your device only through Google Play Store.

     While installing or updating any app, make sure that the app has passed the security system of the Google Play Store properly. That app should be scanned and virus-protected on Google Play Store.


     To protect your device from any malware or hacking, you can take the help of third-party apps. Take the help of such apps, which are effective in protecting the device from viruses and hacking.

     To keep your Android device safe, keep it equipped with new updates of the operating system i.e. OS. Also, keep your device updated with the latest security patches provided by the company.

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