Android Phone Tips: Phone runs slow, follow these tips, device will speed up..

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If you use an Android phone and the device seems slow, then some tips can be followed. The performance of the phone can be improved in some ways. These methods are explained in this article-


Restart the phone

If the Android phone has become slow then the device can be restarted. Sometimes due to some background processes, the phone becomes slow for some time.

This setting helps in fixing this problem to a great extent.

Can free up storage space

With time the phone starts becoming old. With this, the phone's storage also starts filling up. When the device's storage becomes too full, its effect becomes visible in the form of slow performance.

By freeing up the phone's storage, one gets rid of this problem to a great extent.

Remove unnecessary apps

Many times smartphone users install apps on their phones for short-term work. At the same time, with time the need for these apps also ends.

These apps are of little use but they slow down the performance of the phone. Performance can be improved by deleting such apps from the phone.

Use light versions of apps

If the performance of the phone seems slow then use light version of the app instead of heavy apps. With the light version of the app, less RAM and ROM is used in the phone, while the usage experience remains the same.

You can use light versions of apps like Facebook instead of heavy versions.

update the phone

Even when the phone is old, it can still function properly if OS updates are ignored from time to time. Google optimizes Android with every update.


In such a situation, it is advisable to update the software.

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