Amazing: World's most expensive water, Mercedes car will come in the cost of a bottle, know what is the reason


Water is life. We have been hearing this for many years. Doctors also advise people to drink more water. But there are many brands of water in the world which are quite expensive. Let us tell you about the brand of water whose price is in lakhs. You may not believe it, but it is absolutely true. The cost of one bottle of water is the most expensive in the world that can buy a luxurious Mercedes car for that price.


Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani is the most expensive bottled water sold in the world. This water comes from a natural spring in Fiji and France. The packaging cost of this bottle is very high. Its water also has a distinctive taste. But you will be surprised to know the cost of water.

750 ml water cost 45 lakhs

The cost of a bottle of the world's most expensive water is about 45 lakh rupees. There is not even 1 liter of water in this bottle. It holds only 750 ml of water. According to a report, a bottle of Aqua di Cristello Tributo a Modigliani water costs more than Rs 45 lakh. This water bottle is made of 24-carat gold.


Know why it is so expensive

There are many reasons for this one bottle of water to cost lakhs of rupees. Water is expensive because of its bottle. This water bottle is made of 24 karats solid gold. The world's most expensive water bottle has been designed by the world's most famous bottle designer Fernando Altamirano. The world's most expensive bottle of Cognac Dudogne Heritage Henry IV was designed by Fernando. The taste of this water is also very different. Apart from this, it is many times more energy-efficient than ordinary water.