Amazing: The sun never sets in these places of the world, know about them


It is the law of nature that day is followed by night and night is followed by day. We all know this, but probably few people will know that there are many places where the sun does not set. At these places in the world, the sun does not set for more than 70 days. Now the question must be arising in your mind, how can it happen that the sun does not set at all? We tell you about those places where the sun does not set, that is, there is no night.



Nerva is also known as Midnight Sun. This is a country where the sun does not set from the month of May to the end of July. Here there is a continuous day for 76 days and there is no night. Even in Svalbard here, the sun does not set from April 10 to August 23. If you are planning to visit, then you can go here. Enjoy the never-ending night and capture the beautiful sight with your camera.


The city of Nunavut in Canada is very beautiful. The population here is about three thousand. The sun does not set in this city for only two months. In the winter season, there is no day here and only night remains.


The sun never sets in June in Iceland, one of the largest islands in Europe. It is here 24 hours a day. Iceland is the largest island in Europe after Great Britain.


In the Alaskan city of Barrow, the sun does not set from late May to late July. After this, in winter i.e. at the beginning of November, night stays here for a month. This time is called the Polar Nights. You can visit here in both the summer and winter seasons.


The sun rises for only 73 days in most areas of this country. It is dark here in the winter season i.e. the sun does not come out between December and January. This happens at the places that come in the article circle.


The sunsets in Sweden at midnight from May to the end of August. After this, the sun comes out only at 4 in the morning. This is a country where there is a morning for six months.