Allergy-Fighting Foods: Must eat these things daily to prevent allergies in the summer season...


Allergy-Fighting Foods: Allergies are a common problem. In this condition, a person may experience itching of the skin, a burning sensation, and a sore throat. This happens due to dust, soil, pollution, change in weather, medicine, and some food items. Immunity does not accept these things. Because of this, there is a reaction. This causes allergy problems. To get rid of this problem, definitely include these things in your diet. Let's know-


Many types of research have revealed that curcumin found in turmeric is beneficial in reducing the symptoms of allergies. For this, mix turmeric in milk and consume it while sleeping at night. Adopting this remedy gives relief to allergies.

Anti-allergic properties are found in onions, which help remove the problem of allergies. For this, onion can be consumed in the summer season to remove the problem of allergies. Many other essential nutrients are found in it, which are beneficial for different types of diseases.

Carotenoid is found in tomatoes, which is helpful in preventing the release of histamine in the body. Its use gives quick relief from allergies. For this, eat raw tomatoes. If you want, you can consume onion and tomato salad.

To overcome the problem of allergy, consume Vitamin-C-rich foods. Its use increases plasma ascorbic acid. This gives quick relief from allergies.


Ginger can be used to remove the problem of allergies. In this Gingerol is found, which proves helpful in removing allergies. Its use strengthens the immune system. For this, take tea and decoction containing ginger.