Alert: Delete these six apps from your phone immediately, otherwise your account will become empty, they contain malware...


If you are also an Android user then there is big news for you. There may be malware in your phone. We are saying this because six such Android apps have been identified that have been present on the Google Play Store for two years and these apps contain malware. These apps have been identified by a security agency. Let us know about them...


Cyber security research firm ESET has said in its report that a total of 12 apps contain malware named VajraSpy, although six apps have been deleted from the Google Play Store, six apps are still present on the Play Store. This malware can spy on any Android phone.

Names of apps present on Google Play Store with malware
     Private Talk
     Let's Chat
     Quick Chat
     Chit Chat


What to do to avoid this malware?
If you have any of these apps on your phone, delete them immediately. This malware can make any information present in your phone accessible to hackers. Apart from this, it can also record calls without your knowledge. To avoid this, update your phone's software. Apart from this, if you see any suspicious file or folder in the file manager of your phone, then delete it.

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