Ajab Gajab: This woman does very strange work, and earns Rs 80,000 from this work alone!


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Wedding day is a special occasion for everyone and its preparations start months in advance. From booking the venues and arranging horses for the grand entrance to hiring caterers and DJs, every detail has been carefully planned. However, have you ever heard of brides booking bridesmaids for their wedding day? Although it may seem unusual, it is a growing trend in the wedding industry.

According to a report in The Sun, New York-based Jen Glantz has turned being a bridesmaid into a thriving business. She attributes the success of her venture to several factors. Firstly, brides often face a number of problems with their chosen bridesmaids. Second, some brides have few or no close friends to serve as bridesmaids. Third, there are situations where brides prefer not to include their friends at the wedding due to family dynamics or other reasons.


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So, what does Jane actually do? She charges more than Rs 80,000 for her services. Her role not only includes being a bridesmaid but also ensuring that guests have a memorable time. She insists that her involvement is limited to the wedding night, and after that, she has no connection with the bride or her family. Whether you call it a necessity or a profession, it's part of her job.


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Speaking to the media, Jane revealed that she stays with the bride on her wedding day to support her in various situations. She helps the bride avoid awkward situations and handle any unexpected issues, essentially being a professional bridesmaid in everything she does. 

She gets more than 80 thousand rupees for her work. Along with full respect and food and drinks from the guests. Regarding this work, Jane says that she does this work only on the wedding night.