Ajab Gajab: This is the world's most expensive melon which costs more than Mahinda Thar in India, know!


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Fruits are famous for their health benefits, and one such fruit is melon, which is a favorite of many. Melon is rich in potassium, making it excellent for blood pressure and cardiovascular conditions. Although you can find melons in the market for less than Rs 100 per kg, there is also an extraordinary variety whose price may surprise you. Its price is not in thousands but in lakhs, which is equal to the price of a Mahindra Thar in India.

Melons are always in demand and are usually available from April to May at Rs 50 to Rs 60 per kg, sometimes reaching around Rs 100. However, today, we will introduce you to a variety of melon which is one of the most expensive varieties in the world. 


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This unique melon is grown exclusively in Japan and is known as "Yubari King". It is believed to be the most precious fruit in the world, cultivated only in the city of Yubari on the Japanese island of Hokkaido. The city's climate is ideally suited for the cultivation of Yubari watermelon, which is why it gets its name.

The extraordinary sweetness and flavor of Yubari King are due to the huge temperature fluctuations between day and night in Yubari City. It is said that the greater the difference in temperature, the sweeter and tastier the melon will be. What sets Yubari King apart is that it is not just sold; It is auctioned. In 2022, a Yubari King fetched a staggering price of Rs 20 lakh at an auction, and last year, it was sold for Rs 18 lakh.


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Apart from its great taste, Yubari King also has immunity-boosting properties. It is considered an anti-infection fruit that increases the body's immunity. Apart from its potassium content, it is rich in vitamin C, phosphorus, vitamin A, and calcium.