Ajab-Gajab: This is the haunted railway station of India, where no train stopped for 42 years!


There are many such strange and poor mysteries in the world, from which the curtain has not been raised till date. One of these secrets is the existence of ghosts or spirits. Some people do not believe in ghosts. At the same time some people claim that there are really ghosts and spirits in the world. Not only this, some people also claim that there are many such places in the world, where ghosts are inhabited and people are afraid to go there.


Not only the world, there are many such places in India which have been declared as haunted. Today we are going to tell you about one such ghostly railway station in India, where not only the people but the administration was also afraid of going, due to which the trains did not stop at this railway station for years. Let's know about this ghostly railway station...

This railway station is in Purulia district of West Bengal, whose name is Begunkodor railway station. You will be surprised to know that the name of this railway station located in Purulia district of West Bengal is included in the list of '10 ghostly stations' of India. This railway station was opened in the year 1960. After the opening of the station, everything was fine for a few years, but later strange incidents started happening here. In 1967, a railway employee from Begunkodor claimed to have seen the ghost of a woman at the station.


It is said that in the year 1967, this place was included in the list of ghostly stations when the station master here died after seeing 'a woman in a white sari'. It was also rumored that the woman had died in a train accident at the same station. The next day the railway employee told people about it, but they ignored his words.

Thereafter the station master and his family were found dead in the railway quarters. The people living here started claiming that the same ghost was behind these deaths. People said that when any train passed by after sunset, the ghost of the woman used to run along with the train. Not only this, sometimes the ghost of the woman used to run faster than the train and overtake her. At the same time, it was being claimed to be seen dancing on the tracks in front of the train at times.

After these horrifying incidents, people started getting scared to come here. Due to fear, neither any passenger wanted to get down here nor did anyone come to this station to board the train. Since then the entire station has become deserted. Even no railway employee wanted to come to this station. After this Begunkodor came to be considered as a ghostly railway station. Coming to the station, people were so scared that the station was closed for 42 years. Not a single train stopped here for about 42 years. At the same time, whenever a train passed through this station, its speed was increased. In 2009, when Mamta Banerjee became the Railway Minister, she directed to restart this station. But after 5 pm, neither any passenger nor any railway worker used to stop at this station.