Ajab Gajab News: Girls of this village become boys as soon as they grow up, scientists are also surprised!


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For most boys and girls, adolescence is a strange and challenging period. During this phase, voice changes and mood swings occur, and unfamiliar hair growth begins. Now, imagine a village marked on the world map where girls are converted into boys after a certain age. This may surprise you. Nevertheless, it is a real phenomenon. In the Dominican Republic, there exists a village called La Salinas Village where girls undergo sex change, becoming boys after reaching a certain age. This unique event has given the village the reputation of being "cursed". Despite scientific efforts, the mystery behind this phenomenon remains unsolved.

Does this revelation surprise you? The reality is really shocking. In the village of La Salinas, many girls experience a remarkable transformation, turning into boys around the age of 12. Because of the "situation" responsible for this change, the villagers are very upset. This has led many in the community to believe in the influence of an invisible force, while some of the village elders consider it cursed. These children are known as 'Guevedoces'.

The birth of a daughter in the village casts a cloud of sorrow on the family. This stems from the fear that their daughter might eventually become a son when she grows up. The residents of the village are deeply troubled by this peculiar situation, due to which some people view the village through a superstitious lens. Due to this mysterious disease, the number of girls in the village has decreased.

This unique beachside village with a population of about 6,000 inhabitants has attracted the attention of researchers from all over the world. In contrast, medical professionals attribute the phenomenon to "genetic anomalies". In the local dialect, children affected by the condition are referred to as "pseudohermaphrodites". Girls affected by this condition have changes in their bodies that display male-like symptoms. Their voices grow louder, and gradual changes unfold, eventually leading to their metamorphosis into boys. It is estimated that 90% of the children in the village are suffering from this mysterious phenomenon.