Ajab Gajab: Even doctors were shocked to see animal-like horns growing on human heads.


pc: Zee News - India.com

Whenever we see someone doing strange things, we often ask the same question, "Do you have horns on your head?" But just think, what if this actually happens? Today we are going to tell you about one such woman. 

A woman with two horn-like projections on her head

In a recent incident in Madhya Pradesh's Panna district, a 60-year-old woman was found with two horn-like projections protruding from her head. These bumps are hard like horns and cause him a lot of pain. According to the woman, all the hair in the part of her head where these horn-like lumps have emerged has fallen out. She has been suffering from this condition for the last three years.


pc: Zee News - India.com

Despite attempts to have these growths trimmed at the local barber shop, they keep resurfacing. The woman has become very upset due to this situation.

Persistent growth of horns despite trimming

In a similar case in Sagar district four years ago, a 77-year-old man named Shyamlal Yadav had intermittently seen horn-like growths on his head. It was removed through operation. Shyamlal has been struggling with this condition for about six years. Initially, he suffered an injury to his head, after which the wound gradually hardened and eventually began to form horn-like projections.

He would go to a local barber shop to get his horns cut. But it would grow again. Finally, a surgeon in Sagar performed an operation to remove the horn through plastic surgery, replacing the affected area with skin from his forehead.


A similar case of a horn-like bulge on the head of a woman came to light in China. An 87-year-old woman named Liang Yuhuan had an eight-inch-long horn-like growth on her head, which was sharp and pointed. The growth initially begins as a lump and gradually begins to look like a horn.

What causes these horn-like growths?

These occurrences are rare and are the result of an uncommon condition called "sebaceous horns". Medical experts say that the appearance of horns on the head is not a miracle but a natural process. In medical science, this condition is called "sebaceous horns". This is associated with the natural presence of sebaceous glands, which release fluid for hair growth. When these glands become blocked, fluid accumulates, forming a solid structure that resembles a horn. Such cases are exceptionally rare, with only a few reported cases worldwide."