Ajab-Gajab: A strange competition is happening here, participants are lying on the bed for 20 days, and lazy number 1 will get this reward!


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Laziness is inherent in human nature, especially in this age of machinery where even the smallest tasks have become easy due to machines and technology. In such times, people have not only become lazy but also have a tendency to postpone work too much. At times, laziness can lead to negative consequences, but what if being lazy could get you a reward? Yes, this is not a story or a fantasy but a real competition known as the “Laziest Citizen”.

This strange competition takes place in the resort village of Brezna in northern Montenegro. The coveted title of “Laziest Citizen” comes with a prize of $1,070 (1,000 euros). Seven participants have been lying on a mattress and counting the days for 20 days.

These contestants have surpassed the previous record of 117 hours of idleness and are still determined to win. According to a media report, one of the participants, 23-year-old Filip Knejevic, confidently said that he would emerge as the winner.

Philip believes that everything he needs is here. The spectacular surroundings and fast pace of time make it an ideal place to be. They just have to follow rules, like getting up occasionally, which could be considered a violation of the lazy code. For example, standing is allowed. However, they are given a 10-minute bathroom break every eight hours.

Participants are not allowed to eat, drink, read, or use phones and laptops while lying down. They should do all these tasks while being lazy. The competition is part of the "Laziest Citizens" program, now in its 12th edition.

Event organizer and owner Radonja Blagojević said the competition started 12 years ago. It was started to dispel the myth that Montenegrins are lazy. He said that it started with 21 people, but now only seven people are left in the competition.