AI Voice Call Scam: One fake call and you will lose your hard-earned money, if you want to avoid it then don't make this mistake.


Online scams are increasing rapidly. Scammers are finding new ways to cheat innocent people. Many people also get trapped in it. AI Voice Call Scam is also a means, with the help of which people are being cheated. Here we are going to give safety tips about this scam and how to avoid it.


What is a Voice Call Scam?
In the last one and a half years, the scope of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has increased rapidly. Due to this technology, many tasks have become easy, but people are also facing many losses due to it. With the help of this, AI voice call scam is also done. In this, calls are made to people, and money is demanded. The voice of someone you know will be heard on the call.

But, in reality, it will be an AI-generated voice. Which will seem real to you. AI-generated voice can be prepared based on a small audio clip of any person. The technology takes only a few minutes to generate it.

Follow safety tips to avoid it
A small mistake is enough to get cheated on the internet. If users make a small mistake, they can get duped. Some things should be taken care of while calling. These are mentioned below.

Caller verification: Most scams use fake names, but AI scam calls make it easy to get cheated. Often the call comes in the voice of someone close to you. Therefore, it is very important to check whether the person calling is real or not.


Personal information: If a person asks for personal information on the call and offers some temptation, then it can be a sign of a scam. Therefore, do not share your email, contact number, or bank account details even by mistake.

Report and block: If you get a call from a suspicious number and find something strange, then you should immediately block it.

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