AI Tools: If you are planning to go out then these AI tools will make your life easier...


The whole country is suffering from the heat, and in such a situation most people are preparing to go to some cold place. But the biggest confusion is where to go, and how to plan. If we tell you that some tools can give a complete solution to your problem then.. Yes, with the help of AI, planning your trip has become even easier now.

When we plan to go somewhere, planning the trip can be very difficult, but Google can help you with this! Google AI can help you organize your travel program, save time, and create memories.


Google Gemini will be an AI travel buddy
Google Gemini can help you to remove all the confusion about where to go or how to get there.

This is your AI travel assistant, which removes all the confusion in planning.

It gives you a list of the right items according to the place as per your need and can also help in packing.

Use of Google Lens and Circle Search
Using Google Lens, you can capture any image and instantly get information about the location.

Circle Search, available on select Android devices, lets you learn more about anything you see on your phone screen, whether it's a restaurant sign or a historical building.

Google Maps will come in handy
With the AI-powered features of Google Maps, you can easily reach your location. Along with business information, you can get key information from photos and previews shared by the Maps community.


With its help, you can get information about hidden places and famous places at any location.

Google Maps also has the option of Immersive View, which uses AI and computer vision to convert a 2D street view image of that place into a stunning 3D model.

It is currently available in more than 50 cities around the world and you can virtually explore landmarks and streetscapes before you go there. By harnessing the power of these Google AI tools you can make your travel fun and easy.

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