AI avatar Tips: Your AI avatars will attend meetings on your behalf in the future, know how...


Just imagine that you have made some special plans for a day and at the same time your boss calls and tells you that there is an important meeting today and it is very important for you to attend it. Now your mood will be spoiled because your planning was already for something else. Now this problem has been solved. Now your AI avatar can join the meeting in your place and you can do your work in fun.


All this is going to be possible on the Zoom Meeting app. The CEO of the video conferencing app Zoom has given this information. He has said that now the AI ​​avatar of a user can also join a meeting in his place. These avatars will first be trained on the user's meeting agenda and previous content. The CEO further said that in the coming time, AI avatars will replace humans in meetings.


He said that in the next 5-6 years 90 percent of the work will be done through AI only. Today you are talking online but tomorrow my AI avatar will be talking to you in my place. This step will improve the work-life balance of people. Zoom is soon going to add many AI features to its platform, after which features like automatic transcription will be available. Apart from this, the feature of a smart schedule will also be available.

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