Advice: Arthritis patients should take special care of these four things, there will be relief from pain and swelling


Due to lifestyle disturbances, people are at increased risk of various health problems. The problem of arthritis or gout is also similar. Arthritis is characterized by swelling and severe pain in the joints, usually worsening with age. Health experts say that many people can have this type of problem even at a young age, poor lifestyle is considered to be a major reason for this. According to health experts, conditions such as injury, obesity, autoimmune disorders, genes or family history, and muscle weakness increase the risk of arthritis.

According to doctors, people who have arthritis problems need special care of their health. Your small mistakes can make the situation complicated and serious. Let us know in the following slides, what are the things patients suffering from arthritis should not do, which can help prevent pain and swelling.


A sedentary lifestyle is harmful
Arthritis patients usually do not move or work much due to fear of pain, which increases the body's inactivity. However, health experts consider such a sedentary lifestyle to be quite harmful. According to doctors, such patients should keep doing light exercises, walking on the advice of the doctor. A sedentary life can add to your problems.


stay away from an unhealthy diet
You must also be thinking that what is the relation of the diet with arthritis? Doctors tell, if you have arthritis, you should consume more and more nutritious food. Due to this, the body weight is controlled and the complications of arthritis are less. Excess body weight puts more stress on the joints, which can lead to increased joint pain and swelling.

smoking habit is harmful
According to health experts, people who have arthritis problems should immediately distance themselves from smoking. According to a study published in The Journal of Rheumatology in April 2019, smoking can increase the problem of inflammation in the joints. In addition, according to the Arthritis Foundation, smoking reduces bone mass, which also increases your risk of developing osteoporosis.

not getting enough sleep
According to a study published in the journal Arthritis Care and Research, lack of sleep increases the risk of more pain and depression. Due to lack of adequate rest to the body, swelling, and pain in the joints increases. Lack of good sleep also weakens your endurance power. Therefore it is very important to give complete rest to the body and sleep well.

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