ADHD In Adult: 'Pushpa' movie actor Fahadh Faasil has this mental illness!


Fahadh Fazil is one of the most expensive actors in the Malayalam film industry. After the movie Pushpa, his fan following increased very rapidly. Recently, the actor has made a revelation about his health which has shocked everyone. 


On the occasion of the inauguration of Peace Valley School built for disabled children in Kothamangalam of Ernakulam district of Kerala, the actor said that he is suffering from a disorder called ADHD. Which usually occurs in childhood but he is facing it at the age of 41. What is ADHD? You can learn important information related to it with the help of this article.

What is ADHD

ADHD or Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a condition that affects brain development. This disorder usually begins in childhood. While some people recover completely from it, some people continue to have this condition throughout their lives. 

What is different in people with ADHD

According to the Cleveland Clinic, people with ADHD are neurodivergent. In simple words, their brain develops differently. People with ADHD have uneven activity in some parts of the brain. Due to this their ability to plan, reason, make decisions, and focus is affected.

Disadvantages of ADHD

People suffering from this disorder not only face problems in thinking and understanding, but they also face a lot of problems in their relationships. These people are not able to wait for long, listening to others for a long time is a difficult task for them.

Symptoms of ADHD

  • hot temper
  • Trouble organizing things
  • Problems with time management
  • inability to focus
  • Trouble with multitasking
  • Haste or restlessness in every task
  • Not planning things properly
  • mood swing
  • getting easily frustrated 
  • Trouble handling stress

What is the treatment for ADHD?

If ADHD is diagnosed in childhood, it can be easily cured. However, this disorder cannot be completely cured in adults. But with the help of medication and talk therapy, it is possible to manage this condition to a great extent.

Who is at risk of ADHD?

According to the Mayo Clinic, ADHD is genetic. If someone in your blood relation has had this disorder before, then you may also have to face it. The risk of this is higher in those children whose mothers smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, or take drugs during pregnancy. Also, premature babies are at a higher risk of having ADHD. Apart from this, toxins found in old buildings, pipes, or paint also cause this disorder.