Actress Sanya Malhotra takes care of her beauty like this, you should also follow the tips!


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Sanya Malhotra is appreciated for her simple look and curly hair. Taking care of curly hair can be a bit challenging, but the actress handles it with ease. Along with this, she follows a straightforward skincare routine for healthy and glowing skin. You can also adopt Sanya Malhotra's beauty routine.

According to some reports, Sanya insists on knowing her skin well and using the right beauty products. She starts her day by washing her face and then uses Clinical Moisturizer, which gives her a glowing complexion.


PC: tv9hindi

The actress adopts herbal methods for her hair. She uses Amla for her hair, which helps in keeping them thick and beautiful. You can also use Amla powder for healthy hair.

To get glowing and clear skin, she uses homemade face packs made from herbal ingredients. Sanya applies a paste of turmeric, aloe vera, curd, and gram flour on her face. This keeps their skin free from blemishes and gives it a healthy glow.


PC: tv9hindi

According to the actress, hydration is important. Drinking water regularly is important for hydrated skin. Drinking water helps flush out toxins from the body, giving your skin a natural glow.