According to Vastu, do not plant these plants in your house!


Palm tree

According to Vastu, palm trees should never be planted in the house. Due to this poverty comes into the house and many financial problems have to be faced. Its effect is also seen on the health of the members of the household.


Tamarind tree

Tamarind trees should also be avoided in the house. This brings sourness in the relations of the family members. With this, the tamarind tree stops the progress of the house.

Plum plant

Do not want to plant a plum plant in the house even by mistake. By planting this tree in the house, negativity increases. By planting this plant in the house, even Lakshmi Ji does not reside in that house.


Bamboo tree

According to Vastu science, the bamboo tree should never be planted at home. The bamboo tree also brings problems in the house. It is used at the time of death. Therefore it is considered inauspicious.