According to a US study, the habit of sleeping till late in the morning can make teenagers a victim of diabetes

HEALTH TIPS : Too much sleep has a bad effect on the body, these can be serious problems

According to research by the Bringham Young University of America, teenagers who wake up late in the morning, along with laziness, obesity, the chances of getting diabetes also increase to a great extent. Let us know about this in more detail.

The habit of sleeping and getting up early is not only beneficial for adults, but it is an equally healthy habit for children as well. According to a recent study by the Bringham Young University of America, according to which teenagers who wake up late in the morning, are more likely to develop laziness, obesity as well as diabetes because when they feel tired, they eat sweet things. Trying to get energy. During the study, the researchers absorbed the eating patterns of the teenagers for a week.

How was monitoring done?

For this, monitoring of eating was done after getting 6.5 hours of sleep on one night during the week and after sleeping and waking up for 9.5 hours in the next week. In both the steps, he consumed the same number of calories. In which the number of fruits and vegetables was less and such was the quantity of food. Contains more things that work to increase the amount of sugar in the blood.

Get as much sleep as is necessary

Dr. Duracio says that the obesity of teenagers is becoming an epidemic, so along with eating it is important to take care of sleeping patterns as well. If you want to stop the growing weight of teenagers, then it is important to get enough sleep. Apart from this, give place to protein-rich food products in breakfast.

What do the researchers believe?

According to the researchers, tired teenagers ate an average of 12 grams more sugar in a day. That is, 2.5 to 3 kg of sugar reached the extra body in a year. This is equivalent to three extra teaspoons daily.

The study's lead author, Dr. Cara Duracio, says, it is important to focus on what we are eating, rather than on the amount we are eating. According to him, if we eat a diet that increases the sugar level in the body, such as carbohydrates or extra sugary food items, then it affects the energy balance negatively. Also fat starts accumulating. Due to which they become victims of obesity.