AC Servicing Scam: Big scams are happening in the name of AC service and repair, know how to avoid them?


In the name of AC service, many mechanics/engineers are charging money from customers by replacing unnecessary parts or installing fake parts and also charging extra fees.

AC Servicing Scam: As the heat increases, the demand for air conditioners (AC) also increases. As much as the demand for AC is increasing, the loot in the name of AC is also increasing. AC needs servicing 1-2 times every season otherwise it is not able to cool the air properly. Old ACs also need repairing, but now one needs to be a little careful while servicing or repairing AC because nowadays many types of scams have started in the name of AC.

Scam in the name of AC repairing

In this summer season, many mechanics are cheating people in the name of AC service and repair. If you are not careful during servicing, then you can also be cheated. Many times mechanics replace the condenser without paying attention, which deteriorates the performance of the AC and people have to call the mechanic again. Mechanics come again and install the same user's condenser in his AC and charge him a good amount. This method of cheating is quite common during AC service. There are some other ways in which consumers can be cheated.

Replacing unnecessary parts: A mechanic/service engineer may tell you that these parts of your AC are faulty and need to be replaced. This can increase your cost significantly.

Installation of fake, substandard, or old parts: Some service providers may use old or fake parts instead of genuine parts, which may affect the life and performance of the air conditioner.

Charging extra: Charging extra during servicing or repair may increase the total bill, such as chemical washing or extra gas refilling.

Fake service providers: Some fraudsters who do not know much about ACs open the AC provide poor service and run away with the money.

How to avoid an AC servicing scam?

  • If you want to avoid wasting your money and damaging the AC, choose a reliable service provider who has worked for you or someone you know before. Also, you can avail the service from a certified service provider of the company. This reduces the chances of you being cheated.
  • When booking a service, get complete information about what could go wrong and also ask for details of the possible costs.
  • During the service, stay close to the AC and pay attention to what the service engineer/mechanic is doing.
  • After the service, check the bill thoroughly to ensure no unnecessary charges have been added.
  • Make sure to check the parts price and service charges by visiting the official website of your AC.
  • If gas refilling is required, do not refill the gas without checking the gas level as this is the most common scam.