Aadhar Card: This Aadhar card is valid only for five years, know this!


Aadhaar has become one of the essential documents of the countrymen. This is very useful for every government work. In its absence, many of your works may get stuck. Do you know about blue Aadhaar card? Otherwise today we are going to give you information about it.

Blue Aadhaar is valid only for five years. It is issued by UIDAI for children. This Aadhaar code is called Baal Aadhaar. According to UIDAI, Aadhaar card of a newborn child can be made through the birth discharge certificate and Aadhaar card of the parents.

Let us tell you that the blue Aadhar card is made for children of 5 years of age or less. In today's time, Aadhar card has become necessary for every Indian. You can avail the benefits of many government schemes through 12 digit Aadhar card.

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