Aadhaar Rules: Aadhaar card can be made even without biometrics, know who gets this facility!


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Aadhaar card is being used by millions of people across the country, providing services ranging from gas connections to bank accounts. It serves as a government-issued document that can be used anywhere as proof of address or birth. No one can refuse to issue an Aadhaar card. It includes the biometric data of all ten fingers and the retina of the eyes, which is called biometric data. But what if someone has no fingers or is visually impaired? Let us know.

How to get Aadhaar without biometrics?

When someone's Aadhar card is being made and he is not able to provide biometrics, then he is given a special form which is called Biometric Exceptional Form. This means that even if someone's biometrics cannot be taken, they can still get an Aadhaar card, and it will be as valid as any other Aadhaar card.

Required Documents:

If someone falls in this category then he should first go to the Aadhaar centre. There they will have to provide address proof, identity proof and date of birth certificate. They will also get an exceptional form at the Aadhaar centre. After this, their base will be prepared. Remember, there is no fee for making an Aadhaar card. For more information about Aadhaar, you can call the Aadhaar helpline number 1947.

Aadhaar is an identification number issued to Indian citizens. You have to apply for this only once. There are no special rules regarding caste or age for Aadhaar. Any person, irrespective of caste or community, can get an Aadhaar card and even children can get it. Once you get the Aadhaar number, it remains valid for life.