Aadhaar Card- You can change this thing in your Aadhaar card once in your life, update your Aadhaar card thoughtfully

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Aadhaar cards are an essential document for the Indian public, the government has mandated the use of Aadhaar for various official purposes, making it an important part of identity. Aadhaar card acts as a comprehensive identity card, containing details such as name, address and a unique 12-digit identification number. This number is important because it provides a unique identity to each individual, ensuring that the cardholder's information is unique and secure. Do you know that you can change this thing in your Aadhar card only once in your life, let us know the complete information about it-


Improvement processes

Despite stringent measures to ensure the accuracy of Aadhaar details, there may be instances where corrections are required. Here's what you need to know about updating your Aadhaar information:

Single Improvement Allowance:

Date of Birth: Correction can be made only once.

Gender: Also limited to one-time correction.

Multiple Correction Allowance:

Name: Can be updated twice.

Process and Fees:

  • Correction can be done both online and at designated Aadhaar centres.
  • There is a fee of Rs 50 for online correction.

Immutable element

Some elements of the Aadhaar card are permanent and cannot be changed:

Aadhar Number: A 12-digit number assigned to an individual remains constant throughout his/her lifetime.

Biometric information: The Aadhaar card contains biometric data such as fingerprint and retina scan, which are used to ensure the authenticity of the cardholder and prevent duplication.